If you have wifi dead zones at your home then you need a range extender. A range extender helps in expanding network coverage in hard to reach areas and an area with no wifi connectivity.  So, you can expand network coverage by just pressing the push button of  Range Extender. Now, the question arises which range extender can offer the above-given feature for your need & the answer is tp link range extender.  A Tp Link extender is certainly the best range extender which you can choose for network expansion. When we talk about tp link extender wireless setup, it is an easy and instant process. You won’t require extra Setup CD or any other additional software for a Tp Link Extender setup. So, without any further delay take a look at basic steps require for Extender setup.

Pre-Requisite for Tp Link Extender Setup

  • Assign an IP address to the computer to match it with range extender’s default IP address.
  • Now, use an Ethernet cable for connecting a computer to the Range Extender, also don’t forget to disconnect wireless from the key router.

Tp Link Extender Wireless Setup

  • First of all, Login to your tp link range extender’s web management page.
  • Connect your computer to the extender’s LAN port via an Ethernet Cable.
  • Next, assign manually a static IP address on your computer, as we mentioned before.
  • Launch a web browser on your device.
  • Now enter tplink extender’s default web address, into browser’s address bar.
  • If you have no knowledge about Tplink extender web address, use extender’s default IP address & then press Enter.
  • After this, provide tp link range extender’s default username and password, into the given fields.
  • By default, a tp link range extender uses Admin as default login credentials
  • When you press enter, after providing default username and password & navigate to Network option. Here you need to ensure tplink extender’s IP address is in the similar IP section with the source router.

If you face an issue, when you try to implement above steps, check below-mentioned troubleshooting tips.

Fix Tp Link Range Extender Setup Issues

Issue: – What If you are not able to access web management page of Tp Link Range Extender?
  • Solution: – First, you need to ensure that your computer is connected to the extended network.
  • You need to check, if your computer is configured to obtain IP address automatically?
  • Try to access web management page of Tp Link Range Extender via an IP address.
  • A Tp link range extender uses as default IP address for login process.

To know more about troubleshooting tips about Tp Link Range Extender Setup Issues call us at our toll-free number. We have a dedicated team for router & extender issues. You can chat with them 24/7 to resolve your queries. If you wish to share your valuable feedback then don’t forget to post comments in the comment box.


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