If you have wifi dead zones at your home then you need a range extender. A range extender helps in expanding network coverage in hard to reach areas and an area with no wifi connectivity.  So, you can expand network coverage by just pressing the push button of  Range Extender. Now, the question arises which range extender can offer the above-given feature for your need & the answer is tp link range extender.  A Tp Link extender
What Is a Wi-Fi Range Repeater and Why Do You Need It? With an area big enough to prevent the router network signal from reaching each and every corner of your home, you need to have a repeater to let you sit in your home wherever you want to in order to browse an uninterrupted or a weak connection. A range repeater, also named range extender, takes the signal from your existing router and delivers
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Advanced wireless network with wider coverage is what your Tplink repeater provides you. Tplink extender is the best device, for those users who in general face issue with their home network range. It is due to the presence of dead spots in your home, which weakens your network coverage. So, you need to setup a device, with your router like tplink repeater, which repeats the signals. Tplink extender takes the signal from the main router,